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I am very happy with the bracelet I ordered -- it's perfect. It was delivered within the timeframe promised. Very happy customer here - I totally expect that it won't be my last purchase. :) - JEN MARTIN

They are great! Thank you! - Laeremans Marlies

They are very cute. - Amy Johnson

I really liked everything about the bracelet and the shipment duration! - Marc Santos

Thanks so much for all the help, fast turn-around, and ease of doing business with your company. It was genuinely a pleasure and I hope to be in contact again soon!! - Judy Speer

I adore these bracelets i ordered one for me and my boyfriend and we love them! - Merry Swan

It was wonderful, the bracelets are very colorful and well put together.

Ordering the bracelets online was easy. The shipping was quick. Overall a very positive experience.

GREAT product & very inexpensive for quality of product.

Loved it - the website is super easy - you can see exactly what you are getting before you get it!

Everything from ease of ordering to receiving the bracelet before I was supposed to has been positive. Plus the bracelets are awesome. The colors allow me to personalize it even more. Keep up the awesome job.

Everything was great. The order could be done very simple and the bracelets were/are of a superb quality. I also liked that the dispatch was obviously done manually and not by a machine so you can appreciate the handmade work even more.

I thought Friendly Bracelets is a great way to personalize friendship bracelets. I love it! They are very well made :)

I love the bracelet's high quality an design! They arrived with me very fast.

The experience was great! The bracelets arrived right on time! :)

I just loved the bracelets and will certainly consider using them again. I gave them to my best friend and her boyfriend for Christmas and they loved them. She looked very good in it.

My experience was very positive. My grandson just loved the Panther bracelets (his a football team). 1/1/2012 4:08 AM Great. Ships fast. Wonderful quality.

This is great! My friend and I love the bracelets! I will wear them forever!

My experience with Friendly Bracelets are only positive. It is very nice and original bracelet. Also other people really notice that. Thank you :)

Very good, love the fact you can personalize...and great fast delivery!

They ship fast and their service is great and the bracelets came out very good to.

I love the bracelets and I like how I got to customize them. It was a great gift for my girlfriend.

It was simple and the product was perfect. I would absolutely order from Friendly Bracelets again.

I love my Bracelet s! I wear mine everyday, and I gave one to my best friend. We both love them and people compliment them all the time!

It looks amazing & it was inexpensive and so quick! I'm so satisfied with it and will definitely recommend it to my friends!

Positive, I am in love with the bracelet, and I cannot find one fault with the whole transaction. FriendlyBracelets are one of the most proffesional companies I've ever dealt with.

Very efficient and helpful when we needed to have a change to our order delivery. Excellent product.

Positive, I am in love with the bracelet, and I cannot find one fault with the whole transaction. FriendlyBracelets are one of the most proffesional companies I've ever dealt with.

Positively Awestruck with Awesomeness.

Fun, quality product!! Well made and well priced!!

Our experience with Friendly Bracelets was very heartfelt. The day the package arrived was very exciting. The bracelets mean a lot to our friends and us.

Very good experience. I liked that i could pick exactly how i wanted my bracelet to look. It was delivered quickly, and it looks awesome. I love my bracelet.

Really nice, exactly the same way that it shows in the website...The delivery time is very quick... I recommend it to my friends.

My friend and I bought these as birthday presents to each other. We really like them! Thanks!

Very positive! Comfortable payment method and fast delivery

Delivery was good, arrived within the time I expected. The actual bracelets were exactly as they were shown on the website. The website was very good-looking and very easy to use.

I thought it was great! The bracelet is awesome, and the support service was great and responded very quickly when I had a question about my order.

Love the bracelet, quick shipping. I'm not the one to usually write reviews or do a survey like this, but I was really satisfied and impressed.

I think the bracelets are really great gifts. It was easy to pick different combination of colors and easy to order.

I loved how you can customize the colors and names on the bracelets! It makes them even more unique.

Great service! Prompt responses to emails and requests.

The bracelets are beautifully made, and what I especially loved was the writing that came with them on the enclosed card - the words were beautiful, and written with love.... Keep up the good work, and just to say.... you made me (and my kids), very happy!

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About us

What is FriendlyBracelets.com?

FriendlyBracelets.com is an innovative platform for quality custom-made friendship bracelets and leather bracelets. Friendly Bracelets’ unique technology enables individuals worldwide to create one-of-a-kind bracelets. Upon creation, bracelets are instantly and accurately visualized on the site. When ordered, each product is made on-demand, typically within 24 hours. Launched in 2010, Friendly Bracelets’ vision is to make people happier around the world.

The Story

Aristotle once said that "Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies."

This rings true for us. We're Ieva and Artis, the creators of friendlybracelets.com, soul-mates, and best friends. We try to bring joy to each other with little gifts that we find here and there. So, when we were walking along Market Street in the wonderful city of San Francisco, we noticed an artist who was making friendship bracelets. We bought them, and realized that they mean so much to us, because they would give us the opportunity to stay close, even when we're far away from each other. We then decided that we needed to make a place where anyone can create and order their own unique friendship bracelets, with a special meaning.

That's how we came up with friendlybracelets- a place where you can make friendship bracelets, a great accessories with special meanings.

Our bracelets are worn all around the world. They are symbols of friendship, love, belonging, and a serve as a unifying element for many organizations and businesses.

We hope that you'll get to love our bracelets as much as we do!

And don't forget to make a wish and think happy thoughts before you put one on!

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